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The Bankey Family Welcomes You


The Bankey family has been in the registered angus cattle business for over 7 years. Bankey's Registered Angus is a diversified cattle, Angus Pictureboer goat, and crop farm located in southwestern Wood County.  In addition to selling Angus cattle, freezer meat, and goats, we also sell used farm machinery.

The original farmstead at 7411 Milton Road near Custar Ohio was purchased by Raymond and Horace France and has been in the family since 1932.  Derek and Jennifer Bankey (France) own the farm now and carry on the Family tradition with their 4 children.  Currently there are about 20 head of Registered Angus brood cows with calves, and also replacement heifers on the farm. There are also several steers being fed out for freezer beef.

Derek and Jennfer have both been involved with the cattle business Goat Picturesince they were young children.  They are responsible for all cattle and crop production and management on the farm, including herd health management, breeding selection, artificial insemination, and marketing decisions.  Jennifer attended The Ohio State University in Agriculture, majoring in Beef and Sheep Animal Science and Ag Economics.  Derek comes from several generations of family farmers, starting wil his great-great grandfather August Beinke, who came to the United States in 1890 from Borninghausen, Germany.  His great grandfather Marvin ran the farm starting in the 1920's.



Bankey Farm | 7411 Milton Road | Custar, Ohio | 43511

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